• Superior Product Offering

    When it comes to the perfect store brand coffee, quality counts.
    With four out of five households purchasing coffee, it’s important to build a top-notch coffee portfolio that drives store brand loyalty.MZB’s presence in origin countries offers you access to the most exceptional coffee beans, ensuring your store brand coffee will be consistent. Every shipment of green coffee is cupped upon arrival for quality control and must meet MZB’s rigorous standards.Whether you are adding premium, soluble or single serve to your brand lineup, MZB’s professional team of experts collaborates with you in order to provide a customized and comprehensive store brand coffee program for total brand optimization.
  • Preferred Packaging

    The perfect store brand coffee is in the bag…Or the can, the box or jar.
    When it comes to a world class coffee program, it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts, but also what your customers see on the outside. That’s why MZB offers a wide variety of preferred packaging coupled with an in-house graphic design department to ensure your brand is optimized at shelf.
    MZB offers coffee for every segment of the coffee category, allowing you to manage your brand holistically for maximum ROI.
  • Commodities Expertise

    The perfect store brand coffee is expertly sourced for maximum quality and minimum risk.
    When you partner with MZB you have access to commodities sourcing experts in Switzerland and other points of origin across the globe. Expert sourcing from our coffee growers around the world allows us to leverage pricing while adhering to strict quality controls. With 2 of only 74 ICE-certified coffee graders focused on your brand, you are ensured the finest quality and consistency of your blends from crop to cup.

  • Consumer Insight

    The perfect store brand coffee is as unique as the individual.
    lightbulb iconThere is certainly no denying that the “morning cup of Joe” has changed over the past decade. Today, coffee is personal, experiential, and readily available. As a leading supplier of coffee, MZB invests heavily in market research in order to provide our retail partners like you with a “Best In Class” coffee program that maximizes store brand growth. From brand and product development, to product mix and pricing strategy recommendations, MZB will create a custom store brand coffee program that converts more of your shoppers to loyal store brand coffee customers.
  • Efficient Logistics

    The perfect store brand coffee drives efficiencies throughout the value chain with minimum impact to the environment.
    MZB provides coffee for every segment of the coffee category, thereby offering you cost savings through vendor consolidation. We uphold our case fill rate month after month, year after year, exceeding store brand industry averages. By consolidating shipments and putting fewer trucks on the road, together we are able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and alleviate the strain placed on our natural resources.

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  • Certifications
    and Awards
  • Sustainability
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Certifications and awards

Massimo Zanetti Beverage  prides itself on supplying the best possible coffee to all our retail partners.

We’re proud to adhere to the high standards of these organizations and collaborate with them on offering the best possible coffee and store brand programs.

MZB Corporate Brands certifications and awards


The perfect cup of coffee is restorative. To you and the earth.

In order to maintain a keen eye on our earth and its natural resources, with MZB as your coffee program resource, you will be partnering with a family-owned coffee company that adheres to rigid standards of sustainability. We are constantly exploring new ways to add new processes that reduce waste, reuse or repurpose resources and ultimately cut our carbon footprint whenever possible.

  • One-truck logistics allow you to consolidate your private label coffee with MZB’s globally branded coffee, reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Packaging options include recyclable steel cans and glass – the reuse of these materials puts less strain on our natural resources
  • Our coffee farm in Kauai, Hawaii utilizes a drip irrigation system that recycles and reuses water in three different stages of the vertically integrated process
  • Water on our Kauai estate is also channeled to a lake which helps provide hydroelectricity to those on the island
  • Our UTZ, Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications and affiliations are extended to your brand and are recognized and sought out by your consumers

If you are interested in bringing a new level of passion for coffee, its origin and the complete coffee experience to your private label brand, let MZB help you make your coffee program a coffee destination.

The perfect coffee experience is as individual as your brand. Build yours with MZB.

MZB Sustainability

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